LYRICS: Young M.A _ Ooouuuvie Whoopty Freestyle


All this what we doin’
Red Life
I told em, haha
(Pxcoyo killed this beat, bitch) Uh

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[Verse 1]
It’s a Ooouuuvie
I keep the sticks like sushi, bitch in the two-seat’
She bougie
She say, “You gotta pay for the coochie” (Huh?)
Told her, “Uh-uh, mama, nah, nah, nah, nah
If you free then you free”
Yeah, I’m a dog but I fuck on two feet
Soon as you cum then you leave (Get outta here)
Keep two guns on me (Grr)
I call ’em my mood swings (Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow)
I just copped two rings, she like “What’s that on your neck?”
I’m like, “Oh that’s a pool king”
My mind ain’t right, I know I got loose screws
That’s why I keep me a toolie (Grr, pow)
Told niggas, “Ready or not, here I come”
That’s word to the Fugees (Ooh)
Sorry for the wait, when I drop this tape
I swear it’s like serving ’em a blue dream (Uh-huh)
Red life shit but my bloodie he crip
When he drip, you can see how that blue bleed
I ain’t claiming that bitch, heard she a thot
Heard shorty played with few teams (No-no)
I’m young and I’m rich, yes, I’m a thot
And yes, I keep me a few tings (Uh-huh)
Smoking that Zaza, got yack in the māthā
I’m in Jamaica speaking that Patois (Wagwan), big up to the Gaza
B-I-P to my blood, a nigga fly high (Huh?), throw them Bs up, sky-high (Grr)
Heard you he beef, aim at his noodles, we’ll turn that boy into pasta (Pop, pop, pop, pop)
My hitter a shotta, mm

Blocka, blocka, blocka, blocka

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[Verse 2]
When we in the club it’s a movie
I got the gang full of goonies
But I am a goblin like Tunechi (Tunechi)
I can’t never lack, gotta watch my back
‘Cause these niggas be switching like mood rings (Facts)
So if you that nigga I’m sending my hitters
Tospin on your block like it’s movie, slide in a hoopty
Just got a check, hundred K flex, so I went and bought me a new V
Went and upgraded the AP, water (Water), jacuzzi (ooh)
Had to bring the old Young M.A. back (Huh?)
And they still can’t fuck with the new me (Nah, never)

Fuck you talking ’bout?
They told me to do it so I went and did it, you feel me?
And that’s all they get
These niggas can’t fuck with me, man
I’m ridin’ laps around these niggas, man
It’s red life
It’s Brooklyn
It’s M.A., bitch

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