Lyrics: Lil yachty Ft. RMC Mike – Ghetto Boy Shit

“Ghetto Boy Shit”

[Intro: RMC Mike]
(Who the hell is Carlo?)
Ghetto Boyz shit, nigga

[Verse 1: RMC Mike]
I just pulled off from the 6, pulled up on your bitch, hey
I just pulled up with a stick, put one in your shit, hey
I just started off with shit, now I’m feelin’ rich
Unky want a whole brick, meet me at 906
Low-key bro mad as hell, he couldn’t find no Tris
He tryna stunt with thirty-six, he need to hide his wrists
Bored with the lean, I grabbed the Vernors, drop a pint in it
I just rolled up a ‘Wood with my opp’s life in it
Unc’ stabbin’ niggas in the feds ’cause he got life in it
White bitch got some good head, but she got lice in it
Bitch ain’t tryna fuck the squad for free, what’s the price for it?
Bustdown Cartier wires with the lightest tint

[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
When I die, burn my money, I ain’t sharin’ shit (Go)
Carbon fiber ARs with trigger hairs on it
My bitch booty so damn big, I could sit a chair on it
Not sittin’ in a chair, sit a chair on her (Damn)
Told her I’ma shut her ass up, she keep saying, “Purr” (Damn)
Twelve Wock’ lines in a two, think shit a cure (Yeah)
Fucked her raw and didn’t catch shit, I am too pure (Yeah)
Almost put a bullet in the wrong nigga, we was not sure
Niggas shouldn’t’ve even returned to our opps, that’s your dad fault (Go)
Pulled up in a coupe, it was all black, look like asphalt (Damn, damn)
I let my cash talk (Damn)
This bitch could lay on her back and let her ass walk (Walk, go)
I know you miss your mans
He’s never coming back, shit had hit the fan
Knew that I would always be rich, It was in the plans (Yes)
I am in a million-dollar club, I don’t flex grams

[Verse 3: RMC Mike]
Eighty monster fangs in my teeth, bitch, I’m X-Man
Unc whip this shit up with perfection, got the best grams
Nigga pulled up with an S10, I let the ‘Vette spin
This shit right here’ll cave your vest in, it’s a FN
I’m just tryna fuck my best friend watchin’ Netflix
Draco flash when I send a shot, I take the best pics
Let a nigga touch one of my brothers, equal death wish
Lot of fuck niggas ran out of bound when I step in
Ten thousand blues, shipped ’em outta town just for a necklace
Ghetto Boyz signed Lil Boat, we some legends
Don’t come around actin’ all weird, that shit depressin’
Ain’t nothin’ but some killers and some hustlers in my section
PLR with a hundred rounds on it, lethal weapon
Yachty said he like that shit talkin’ too, so we connected

[Verse 4: Lil Yachty]
If RMC stand for Rich Man Clique, then I’m in it too
First car I got was a G-Wagen, it was baby blue
Used to drive my mom’s BM-dub, it was a different hue
Ridin’ ’round in the whip with a logo the letter after Q
Twenty thousand in cash for a photo, I am not like you
Used to ride around in a stolo, we was different dudes
(We known), known for breaking rules
Dog got out of jail, he doin’ right, they tryna call him clone
Say they was gon’ rob me, I said, “Who?” like I’m Michael Jones
Niggas be bitchin’ too much, they cycle too long

[Outro: Lil Yachty]
It’s us


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