GLO Tariff Plans in 2020

GLO Tariff Plans in 2020

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Globacom Limited generally known as GLO is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company founded by Mike Adenuga

Glo Bumpa tariff plan offers subscribers a 200% recharge bonus each time they recharge their telephones with airtime worth N100 and above.

Which means if a Glo user on the tariff plan recharge airtime well worth N200 or N300 will get N600 or N900 as price. Subscribers can use the bonus to browse the net and speak to or text any community throughout the country.

This tariff plan is available to all pay as you go subscribers at the Glo community and people on different networks who port into Glo. Also, Glo Bumpa offers an extended-term bonus validity of 30 days and no condominium charges and unfastened night calls.

The patron will hold to enjoy the 2 hundred% bonus for so long as she or he is subscribed to the tariff and maintains recharging his or her telephone with credit score. Emigrate to Glo Bumpa, simply dial 10010# and dial 1222# to test the Glo Bumpa bonus.

GLO soar
Glo jump is one of the fine tariff plans for Glo. Migrating to the Glo jump tariff plan is absolutely free. The tariff plan permits its subscribers to ship SMS to different bounce subscribers at a low rate of N3 in keeping with SMS and contact at a heavily discounted price of five kobos in step with 2d.

GLO Tariff Plans in 2020


Subscribers in this tariff plan experience a flat price of 10 kobos in line with 2nd to all different networks. Additionally, clients on Glo jump revel in loose surfing on facebook, loose night time calls from 12 am within the middle of the night to five am when they use at least N30 earlier than nighttime. They obtain unfastened statistics of 30MB on each recharge of N200 and above.

Besides, Glo Bumpa clients experience the campus quarter charge of 5k consistent with 2nd, that’s available in all tertiary establishments across the u . S .. Emigrate to Glo bounce, sincerely dial one hundred seventyfour# and dial 1709# emigrate to the campus zone.

GLO loose the following day
Glo unfastened day after today tariff plan as its name implies checks how a great deal a subscriber spends in an afternoon for SMS, calls, and net surfing, after which credits the subscriber tomorrow with the identical price that the consumer has used the previous day.

Also, the subscriber can use the loose credit she or he receives the next day for information or name any network. Migrating to Glo loose the next day plan is quite simple, all you want to dial is *three hundred#, then send you’re in.

Glo Gbam is one in every of Glo’s tariff plans. The tariff plan is to be had to both new and existing prepaid plans. Subscribers in this tariff plan can upload as much as five unique Glo numbers that they desire to call at a far inexpensive rate.

GLO Tariff Plans in 2020

On Glo Gbam, the off-internet name price is 15 kobos in keeping with 2d, the on-internet name charge is also 15 kobos in step with second, the on-internet SMS rate is N4 in keeping with SMS, and the off-internet SMS fee is N4 consistent with SMS. In addition, Glo Gbam permits its subscribers to send SMS to worldwide numbers for as low as N10 in keeping with SMS and also gives free 5MB every day for browsing, that is legitimate for twenty-four hours.

As a subscriber of Globacom Nigeria, migrating to the Glo Gbam may be very clean, all you need to do is dial 1005*1# for your cellphone. Registering the 5 unique numbers also are easy, simply dial *one hundred1 New quantity# or adjust the existing variety by way of dialling 1012* present special No*New unique No#.

Glo Infinito is one of the excellent tariff plans presented via Globacom Nigeria. Glo Infinito is a easy prepaid tariff plan that lets in its subscribers to call other networks for as low as 22 kobos in line with second with no hidden fees or rental payments.

Glo Infinito is one of the exceptional plans for a commercial enterprise line as it permits the subscriber to feature up to ten numbers of circle of relatives and friends after migrating to the plan. Those numbers can be referred to as for as little as eleven kobos according to second. To migrate to Glo Gbam, dial 1009*2# and to add a

Number to the family and friends listing, dial one zero one1*variety#


Glo Yakata is one of the best tariff plans introduced by Glo. The tariff plan offers its subscribers awesome data and voice benefits when they buy a new Glo sim-card.

The subscribers are being given up to 6 gigabytes of data every month for six months, including a whooping N2,200 on every recharge of N100 to call all networks after buying a Glo sim with the tariff plan.

The following are the other benefits of Glo Yakata:

  • The voice benefits that are given to the customers can be used to call all networks, the more they recharge, the more they enjoy
  • If the customer’s first recharge of the month is N200 or more, he or she will get an amazing data bonus that is 2.5 times higher than the regular data benefit.
  • The special data that is given to the subscribers will only be given on every first recharge of the month of the first six months. 
  • The bonus is valid for seven days.


Glo Jollific8 is a specially designed tariff plan for new prepaid customers. The tariff plan gives the new prepaid customers eight times more value on every recharge on their mobile. It offers an awesome bonus to new customers.

Glo Jollific8 offers an 800% bonus to new subscribers on every recharge from N100 and above. Other benefits can be enjoyed, including a bonus to call all networks within Nigeria and free data that the subscriber can gift to other GLO customers.

Enjoy Voice and Data on every recharge. This is the breakdown of the bonuses below:

  • N100 recharge gives N800 + 10MB (N50) = N850
  • N200 recharge gives N1,600 + 25MB (N100) = N1,700
  • N500 recharge gives N4,000 + 50MB (N200) = N4,200
  • N1,000 recharge gives N8,000 + 100MB (N400) = N8,400
  • N5,000 recharge gives N40,000 + 500MB (N2,000) = N42,000


Glo Jumbo Sim is a prepaid plan for both new and existing Glo customers. The tariff plan welcomes both the new and existing subscribers with a preloaded N200,000 credit that the subscriber can use to call, SMS, and browse when they recharge their line with a certain amount. 

However, the customer has just 14 days to use the unlocked data and voice bonus before it expires, and the customer has six months to unlock and exhaust the N200,000. Existing Glo customers can migrate to the tariff plan by dialling *224# on their lines.

For subscribers to check or confirm the Jumbo Bonus balance (locked bonus), they need to dial #122*24# or #122*23# to check the unlocked bonus balance.


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