Skills,Controls To Master In Pes 2021 PPSSPP Tutorial

Learn All the skills in ppsspp

Many People have played ppsspp for years now without knowing all the skills in it you know some but not all, but thank God that you are here am going to help you unleash all the skills here

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PES 2021 ISO PPSSPP Game is out now, so make sure you know how to perform the best skill moves

Whether its playing with computer or just against your mates through PPSSPP Multiplayer (Adhoc), these are the tricks you need to know.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 PPSSPP Controls


  • X – Normal pass, basic ground pass to team mate.
  •  – The shoot button. This is a very versatile button. Holding towards the goal as you strike the ball, will make the ball travel faster and with more accuracy.
  • △ – Through pass. This pass should be used when teammates make forward runs in behind the opposition defence. There is an element of skill required to make this pass effective. Timing is crucial.
  • O – High passCrossing, chipped pass to teammate, more liable to interceptions.
  • R1 – fast dash, less control of the ball but more speed. Only use this when you have a clear path in front of your player.
  • L1 – Slow dash, even slower than normal speed. This enables your player to turn sharply, hold off opposition players, and dribble better. Good for tight spaces.
  • L1+X – One – Two, by pressing L1 and X, your player will pass to a team-mate and begin to attempt to run in behind the opposition defence.
  • L1+△ – Chipped through pass, useful when there are a number of defensive opposition players in front of you and threading a normal through pass may be too difficult. As with the normal pass, this also requires good timing.
  • L1+☐ – a dink chip shot, which the player will attempt to just dink the ball up and over the goalkeeper. The shot tends to go up more than forward. Bear in mind this shot is best for when you are close in on goal.
  • L1+O – a direct cross. No matter where on the pitch you are, this command will attempt to put the ball into your opponent’s penalty area. Highly effective for counter attacks.
  • O+O+O (Tripple O) – a cross along the ground at speed. Good for smaller players who are running in behind a tall defence.


  • X – often referred to as “press“, or “pressing” (marking, putting pressure to the opponent).
  • – a sliding tackle.
  • X+☐ – marking with two players.

Best PES 2021 PPSSPP Skills & Dribbling

Feint (Step Over Feint)


R ×3

Feint (Kick Feint)

➡ Guage on X

 0 Guage on X

Feint (Upper body Feint)

  • Dribbling  forward Diagonal Advanced +  Backward Diagonal Advanced + (certain players only.)
  • While holding in a stationary position, press  at a 90° to the direction of movement.

Step Over Fake

While holding in a stationary position, press  at a 90° towards the direction of movement  press  toward the opposite direction. (Only for players with Dribble Accuracy of 80 or above.)

Step Over

While Dribbling, hold press + Forward  then press  at 90° to the direction of movement. (Only players with Dribble Accuracy of 80 or above.)

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