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The prison escape apk is a Mod game type designed and developed by the world best World’s Mobile game Enterprise. The game is highly compressed for most Android based operating device with version 2.1 and compactible with the operating device.

In this amazing video game, as a player, you will be sentence to death and the only way to save your life is to break out of prison. The prison can only be broken from the inside as no external hand will come to your rescue from the outside world or any form of assistant from the inside.

To escape, you will be coming across a lot of challenges that are life threatening but not withstanding, there are unlimited items that will help keep you in one piece. To be able to play this game, you will have to be very fast and sensitive in all that you do as you play yourself out of prison.

The game 3D graphics settings is very good making the dramatic game even look more realistic as you play the game on your Android phone. No rules, you can make friends and fight your way to becoming the gang leader to withstand oppression from other sets of gang.

Download APK (Mod Version) 1

Features Of Prison Escape Mod APK

Here are the must read features of prison escape apk;

  • The best 3D gaming experience.
  • It’s having an intuitive control pattern.
  • Stunts as you play are attributed.
  • Free movement as you play.

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