PES 2021 Sider 7.1.0 by Juce

The Sider 7 for Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 by Juce has been updated to 7.1.0 version. Sider includes netblock.lua, adapted for PES 2021, compatible with PES 2021 DP 5.0.

What is new in Sider 7.1.0:
– added “input-blocking” feature. (See documentation for Lua scripting for all the details.)
– small tweak to support PES 2021 Lite 1.05.00

How to update your existing sider:
Replace sider.exe and sider.dll with new ones. Keep the rest of your files.
(In case you want updated documentation too – that is in the doc folder)


Online documentation here: on mapote.

Many mods from 2020 seem to work fine, including BallServer, StadiumServer, Kitserver, various camera modules, and many other modules as well.

Download PES 2021 Ballboys Server by Hawke Also

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