NBA Ball Stars Mod APK 1.5.0 (Unlimited Skill)

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This game was published by Netmarble US and it’s a different type of basketball game. Instead of controlling the players like in the NBA2K series, here, you’ll play puzzle games. In order to shoot, defend, steal and do anything, you’ll need to match the similar cubes! Aside from that, you can collect a large roster of all stars in your team and you can level them up!

Play an NBA Game

There are many sports around the world that people play today. Basketball is one of the major ones and also the most popular one in most countries. If you want to watch the best teams and players clash it out, then the NBA is home to the world’s greatest players. It’s a prestigious league that has high standards and incredible levels of talents. Because of this, only a small percentage of players are able to get into the league today.

If you want to enjoy what the league has to offer, there are plenty of basketball games today. But NBA Ball Stars is different in the sense that it combines puzzles with basketball. Here, you’ll need to match the similar balls to do anything in defense and offense. You must use your brains so you can score and defend others. You’ll then enjoy the realistic graphics and the fun cinematic scenes of the game playing out.

Moreover, you can collect the top-tier players such as James Harden, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, LeBron James and many more! Grow your team and win today.

NBA Ball Stars Features

There are millions of NBA fans all over the world today. It’s the biggest professional basketball league today. If you want to enjoy it, play NBA Ball Stars now.

Play NBA Games – Unless you’re not a basketball fan, there’s no way that you don’t know about the NBA. Every year, this league holds the most prestigious cup to determine the champion team. There are many fans all over the world eagerly awaiting NBA games and watching them with family. Since this is the most popular basketball league in the world, there are a lot of skilled players here. But if you want to enjoy something new, try NBA Ball Stars.

This is a basketball game that combines puzzles with the action-packed gameplays. Here, you can customize your team by collecting the top-tier players like Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Luka Doncic, Steph Curry, Kawhi Leonard, and many more. There are so many incredible players to collect and you can level them up as well. Then, you’ll play by matching the like symbols together in the puzzle.

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Complete Puzzles – What makes this game different from the likes of NBA2K is that it’s a puzzle game. Here, you can’t control the players directly but by solving the puzzles. In each possession, you’ll face a random deck of symbols that you need to match so you can move. By matching the same-colored symbols, you can charge up the players to perform certain moves. These could be to steal, dunk, shoot, defend, and many more.

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Grow and Manage your team – There are currently 30 teams in the NBA and you can pick your favorite one here! You can then collect players from all the teams to get into yours. Manage and grow your ideal line-up today that consists of your favorite players!

Challenge Other Players – You’re also free to challenge other real players today. Gain incredible rewards!

Download NBA Ball Stars Mod APK – Unlimited Skill

Download NBA Ball Stars [140.15 Mb].

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