Lyrics: Lil Yachty ft. Kodak Black Hit Bout It

‘Hit Bout It’

[Intro: Lil Yachty]
(Yeah, yeah, go)
Woke up feelin’ shiesty
I’m on a, uh (Go)
Yeah, okay
Who the hell is-
(Grrr, grrr, grrr, grrr)
Yeah, uh

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Woke up, feelin’ shiesty, give me that pussy nicely (Go)
Hundred thousand on an ice piece, finna fuck a Pisces (Mm)
Fifty hoes wanna be wifey, that’s just too unlikely
Pull up six deep just like the Isleys, pick your next move wisely (Go)
They say talk is cheap, but fuck that, my convo pricey (Yeah)
Two hundred racks inside a shoebox, bitch, these ain’t no Nikes (Ooh)
She think I’m finna trick, I told her, “Don’t get too excited”
Nigga touch one hair on top of my head, them boys incitin’ riots
I fuck her from the back and grip her neck, this bitch can’t keep quiet (Ah)
The big bad hood you said you from is lookin’ mighty quiet (Shut up)
I only eat my main bitch pussy, I’m on a straight diet
My shooter lookin’ like a center, homie 6’5″
Could kill me once, could even kill me twice, shit, I got six lives (Yeah)
I’m thinkin’ of movin’ to Africa, and marry six wives (Yeah)
I’m in New York, we still got several poles and seven big knives (Uh)
Might take his life for tellin’ several lies, can’t let shit fly (Fuck)
‘Cause if we do, he’ll tell the next guy, and then it’s all bad (Uh)
Who said that you could come around this side without a hall pass? (Uh)
I used to tweak, pourin’ fours and Wock’ inside a wine glass
These niggas burnt, outchea’ poppin’ Xans for a bypass (Who the hell is-)
I see you niggas every single time like an eyelash (Uh)
Bitch said she like athletes, so I walked in with them thigh pads
I’m paranoid, I can’t hang out for long, bitch, I’m a nomad (Uh)
Christmas came around, and I had bought my steppers doormats (Uh)
Inside the whip, the seats is bright orange like the Lorax (Fuck)
I’m built tough, was made to be outside just like Gore-Tex
I should make a song about Ferraris, I don’t do ‘Vettes (Fuck)
My brother need a new Tek, my mama want a new bag
These niggas flip-flop every week, they in a new set (Fuck)
I know these niggas hate me ’cause I run around like a nuisance
Too fly, over niggas heads like an air vent
Where I’m from, it’s one way in and out just like a camp tent

[Verse 2: Kodak Black]
Put a convertible on the Glock, it look like Lamborghini (Yeah)
Put a convertible on the Glock, it look like Lamborghini
I just told lil’ baby to bop before my girl see me (Who the hell is-)
Pull that lil’ stack, get niggas whacked, you better not look for pinky
In and out the trap that’s where I stay, but I ain’t one sleepin’
I’m totin’ an SK for no reason, all my opps are dead
I got rubies on my teeth and plus my Molly’s red
I’ma drop his ass soon as I see him, it ain’t no discussion
Told her it ain’t nothin’ to get her a bust down if that pussy bussin’
All of a sudden, bitches love me ’cause I’m gettin’ money
I’ma punish any nigga decide to stand in front of me
I was spendin’ bands before it was a trend from the ugly
Always got revenge, if I ain’t get my man, I got his cousin
They know I made my woodwork, hop out with a Oak
Haters poppin’ out the woodwork, but they wanna prope
Talkin’ straight gas nigga, I want all the smoke
I just told Lil Yachty to scoot over, let me drive the boat
AR with the scope ’cause the Cartier’s nearsighted
Just got a nigga yoked, you don’t like it, we could hit ’bout it
We could hit ’bout it, yeah, we could hit ’bout it
Hittin’ the missionary she start yellin’, tell her, “Be quiet”
I’m with Lil Yachty, we got twin ‘Raris
We don’t fuck with niggas, you don’t like it, we could hit ’bout it (Who the hell is-)
We could hit ’bout it, yeah, we could hit ’bout it
I ain’t passin’ my reefer, you don’t like it, we could hit ’bout it
We could hit ’bout it, yeah, we could hit ’bout it
I ain’t doin’ no features, you don’t like it, we could hit ’bout it (Hit ’bout it, hit ’bout it)

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