How To Tweak Your Android Device To Bypass VPN Data

Tweak Your Android Device To Bypass VPN Data

Many people find it difficult to tweak there mobile phone IMEI number, I mean change there IMEI which will bypass and use monthly unlimited VPN data plans on there android phones which is why I decided to provid this tutorial on how to tweak your IMEI. All you need to do is follow this simple step.


You will Only do this if your Android device is rooted. Otherwise it is a waste of time and energy.

1 – First you need to download and install Mobileuncle Tools.

2 – Then Open and click on Engineer Mode .

3 – And Then on Engineer Mode ( MTK ).

4 – Then on GPRS .

5 – You will see two options SIM1 and SIM2 choose the appropriate SIM.

6 – The IMEI code is 15 digits example: 3638145 08 3654780.

7 – Now you have to change the 7th digit and the 8th digit marked in color in our example to tweak your IMEI.

8 – So I change the 08 to [01 or 02 or 03 or 04 or 05 or 06 or 07 or 14], you can also change all the digits but be careful, it’s 15 digits.

9 – Once you have finished tweaking your IMEI click on Write IMEI and then click on Ok to restart your phone.

That All, you will be able to enjoy unlimited VPN.

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