With tthis my tutorial i am going to teach you on how to install and setup your mp3 tag editor script for WordPress

easily and i will be sharing the used Mp3 tag editor script here as well to help you get along with this guide and in case you need it next time.

I noticed most people are searching online mp3 tag editor script, online mp3 tag editor script download, WordPress mp3 tagger script and mp3 tagger for WordPress the truth is they are all the same as what i will teach you here.

I could remember when wapka was still existing we made use of mehmitag script which is pretty awesome but now this wordpress, so i will get down to business and show you all you need to know about wordpress mp3 tagger

It is through Mp3 tagger script most entertainment bloggers use in adding something like “More Music at Naijaloaded” well thats called voice tag mp3 tag script.

Features of WordPress Mp3 Tags Editor Script

I will mention the features you get using this mp3 tag editor script for your music before releasing it out for people to download, you can perform the following:

  • You can change the name of the Artist
  • You can change the name of the Music album
  • You can change the title of the song
  • You can change the music background image etc.

 we show you steps, let me quickly advise you that most of your musics might not be downlaoded on chrome easily so i made a tutorial to help you so chrome users can download easily from your blog, follow this tutorial here to fix force download on chrome for wordpress.

So, lets set up yours now…

How to Setup Mp3 Tag Editor Script For WordPress

Like i said I will share you the mp3 tag editor first before we get started because i want you to follow the tutorial properly.

Mp3 tag editor is not a WordPress plugin you install its a script so we have to follow the proper way to upload it.

You have to upload the downloaded script to your Cpanel/File Manager in order for it to work well, are you still having problem with your SEO check out this guides.

Below is the link to download the Mp3 Tags Editor With Voice Track.

I will be making use of the Mp3 tag editor script without Voice editor in this tutorial but you can setup the one with voice editor using the same steps.

This is the most interesting part before you start editing any of the scripts please not do not edit codes i never mentioned here so as not to spoil the script.

Newbies can also follow these steps below:


First, Login to Your Cpanel and open File manager.

Choose the option to open Web Root and Show hidden files. Navigate to the folder where you want the upload to be located which is “public_html “.How to Setup Mp3 Tag Editor Script For WordPress [Updated] 6

Click on the Upload icon from the top toolbar above. Locate the file you downloaded on your computer or smartphone that you want to upload.

Once the file has been selected, it will automatically upload when it reaches 100% then.

Then go to “public_html “, upload and extract the file into the “public_html ” directory. After extracting the script, now refresh the page with the refresh tool above and then you will see a folder labelled ‘ Tag-Editor.

Make sure it looks like the image shown below:How to Setup Mp3 Tag Editor Script For WordPress [Updated] 7

Then carefully open the tag and locate index.php, edit it to your taste but try to avoid some codes.

Get a good graphic designed image and then upload your image to the tag folder and then rename it to music.jpg then replace the previous one.

You can contact us, we will help you get a good design if needed.

You can Access your mp3 tag page with your site e.g.

Download Mp3 Tags Editor Script without Voice Editor for Free

Download Mp3 Tag Editor without Voice Editor

Download Mp3 Tags Editor Script with Voice Editor for Free

Download Mp3 Tag Editor With Voice Editor


Download Mp3 Tag Editor With Voice Editor

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