How To Set Save Data and Texture On PPSSPP Android

How many of you knows how to save data and texture on PPSSPP i believe after reading this post you will be able to save data and texture on your ppsspp.

What is data save

data save (also called a save data game savesavefilesave point, or simply save) is a piece of digitally stored information about the progress of a player in a video game.

So in PlayStation portable emulator for android,data save means all the new version, update or progress added to the game by the user or moderator.

For instance, I am playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and all the players of the team are old, you must need to transfer the old players to their new club. So all the changes you’ve made at the game is called ”save data“.

So when you saved the game on your PPSSPP Emulator it would directly stored at your INTERNAL STORAGE / PSP / SAVEDATA

What is texture?

Texturing is a technique that will add another level of artistic control and realism to your game. Texturing involves adding images to the surfaces of objects within your game. Your graphics card can quite efficiently wrap any image over any surface as long as you can program how it is to map the image onto a surface.

So any latest new graphics, sounds, faces, uniforms or team logo added to the game is called a “Texture

The PSP Texture folder is located at INTERNAL STORAGE / PSP / TEXTURE

Now you’ve learned what save data and texture is all about on playstation portable, the next step is on how to set it for every game after downloading!

How To Set Save Data and Texture On PPSSPP Android

Save Data and Texture PPSSPP Android

Let’s look and example with Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 PSP Game

I’ve now download the Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 for PSP Android and after I extracted the zip file I got a folder PSP as shown at the image above

Let me explain all of the meaning of the folders above:

GAME: In this folder you can store your ISO file (not compulsory).

PES 2021 PPSSPP CAMERA PS4: This is the PSP 2021 Game folder (ISO file, but not compressed).

PPSSPP_STATE: Saving folder, you can use load state and continue from where you stop!

SAVE DATA: All game saving folder.

SYSTEM: Emulator settings folder. (e.g control, frameskip etc.)

TEXTURES: Updated Graphics folder.

How to set save data and textures

First of all, the most important thing you should know is, its compulsory that any savedata and texture must be in PSP folder at your internal storage.

So, if you download the new save data or texture you can replace it with the old in your memory as shown in the image below.

Hope you can now savedata and texture on your ppsspp Android and also i hope you know what data save and texture is.

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