How to Schedule Texts with Google Messages

With this tutorial i am going to teach you on how to schedule texts with google messages Google Messages has received a couple of new useful features in recent months, including the option to schedule text messages. Although many of you find RCS messaging on Android pretty cool, you might wonder why in the world would you need to schedule a text when you can simply send it instantly. Here’s why.

Maybe you are in the middle of the night, and you want to tell your family or friend something important without waking them up. Or perhaps you need to send your colleague a work-related reminder without bothering them in an ongoing meeting. In several other situations like this, the text scheduling feature comes in handy.Related Posts

If you are interested, read on to learn how you can schedule texts with Google Messages, so you can share your thoughts with others without disturbing them

Scheduling texts from Google Messages

Before you proceed, make sure you have the latest version of Google Messages installed on your Android device.

If the steps below don’t work out for you even when running the up-to-date app, chances are you haven’t received the server-side update yet. Hence, you got no choice but to wait for the update to roll out.

  1. First, open the Messages app from your Android home screen or app drawer.
  2. Start a new chat or enter an existing conversation, then type out the text message you would like to send on schedule. However, don’t hit the Send button yet.
  3. Once you compose the message, tap and hold the Send button to open the “Scheduled send” prompt.
  4. Now decide and choose when you wish to send the message to the contact. There are a few predetermined times, but you get to pick your own date and time.
  5. If you choose to pick the date and time, use the calendar and time picker to set up the schedule, then tap Save.
  6. When everything’s ready, you should see the selected date and time above the composed message. Simply tap the Send button (with a clock icon) to schedule the text.

This is how you can schedule texts in Google Messages. The messages you choose to schedule will show up in italic font on the conversation, with a tiny clock next to it. It’s worth mentioning that you can also schedule SMS and MMS the same way from the Google Messages app.

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