How to play Call of Duty Using PC

Do you know you can play Call of Duty Using PC

here is the following instruction to take so you can play COD on your PC

All you need to do to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC is follow the steps below:

• Download Tencent’s “Gameloop” Android emulator here.
• Install Gameloop from the downloaded file
• Click into the Game Center tab
• Click the Call of Duty Mobile banner or image under Recommended (you can also find Call of Duty Mobile by using the search option in the top right)
• Hit Download

At that point, the download and installation should begin automatically. It might even auto-launch, too, so adjust your speaker settings if you don’t want the whole office finding out why you’ve knocked off work 3 hours early. Your Call of Duty Mobile PC experience should kick off from there, but there are a few things you can do to cater the whole thing to the machine you’re playing on.

How to adjust settings through Gameloop

Within the Gameloop software, you can tap the three horizontal line icon in the top-right to find some essential settings like screen resolution, screen capture location, and even which rendering method to use.

The settings under Engine tend to relate to the Gameloop window and the physical size of game windows. To change the active resolution of Call of Duty Mobile, you’ll need to go into the Game tab beneath and tweak things from there.

From a competitive game like Call of Duty Mobile, we’d recommend lowering the settings as much as your eyes can handle for the smoothest experience. If you’d rather witness just how clean and crisp a mobile game can look these days, feel free to crank things as high as you think your PC can take them. Just don’t go expecting miracles — it’s still at the mercy of Android optimization. You’ll probably want to change a few settings within the game itself, too.

How to play Call of Duty Mobile with a controller on PC

There are a variety of gamepads to choose from when it comes to playing Call of Duty Mobile on a PC. These can include the Xbox One controller and the DualShock 4. Users can do so in two different ways: first, by plugging in a controller, and second, using Bluetooth. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have adequate technology for the Bluetooth option. Once your controller is connected, select Key Mapping on the right side of the screen using Gameloop. Make sure you choose Gamepad instead of Keyboard. Finally, double-check that you have selected the right method for you (Multiplayer, Battle Royale, OB, or Bar). 

It’s also important to check the secondary keys underneath the method selections. See to it that you select both Direction (left joystick) and Camera (right joystick). Once you’ve completed this step, you can use your mouse to map buttons. Righ-click anywhere on the screen, and you’ll see a blank selection appear. From here, you can use any controller button to map it to the game. 

Keep mapping until you’ve gone through all the controls. Although you don’t necessarily have to map every single button, it’s important to ensure you’ve mapped the aiming, shooting, reloading, and jumping buttons. When you’re done, click Save (bottom right corner) and load a game so you can start experimenting with your new setup. We don’t advise using a controller, as it can often cause a lag. However, it’s ultimately up to you and your preference. 

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