How To Hide/Unhide Your Number When Calling Someone

Do you know that you can actually hide your number when calling someone?

In this tutorial am going to teach you on how to private your number if you dont want the person you are calling to find out that it is you that was calling

Steps on how to hide/unhide your number

go to your phone contact,press the three dot at the right on top your phone you will see menu like this

  • call history
  • Auto record main switch
  • settings

press setiings it will give you another list like

  • Display option
  • sounds and vibration
  • calling account
  • blocked number
  • voicemail
  • flash of calls
  • Accessibility,

Then you press calling account which will display you either two or vone SIM depending the number of sim that you are using

press the Sim you wish to unhide or hide

it will display a menu like


  • Voicemail
  • Fixed Dailing Numbers
  • Call barring
  • Additional setting

Press aditional settings, it will show options like

caller ID

Call Waiting

Pres caller ID

Then chose to hide or unhide your number.


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