How to Delete Locked Files in Windows 10 via CMD

How to Delete Locked Files in Windows 10 via CMD

If you have been the use of windows 10 for a while, then you definitely may realize that the operating machine comes with masses of pre-set up apps. Additionally, a few software refuses to uninstall. Well, you may without difficulty dispose of stubborn programs by using using a 3rd-birthday party software uninstaller, but what approximately the locked files?

Every so often, at the same time as deleting a document in windows 10, we come across an disturbing conversation box indicating that the file is locked, or we are not allowed to carry out such movement. In such instances, we want to apply the Command activate.

The coolest thing approximately using Command spark off is that you won’t need to spend cash shopping premium record & folder remover. Command activate is a integrated function of home windows 10, and it works pretty nicely.

Delete Locked Files in Windows 10 via Command Prompt

With the command set off, you may delete any document or folder at the windows 10 operating device. So, in this article, we’re going to percentage an in depth manual on the way to delete locked documents in home windows 10 computers in 2020. Allow’s take a look at out.

First step  First of all, open the Windows Search box.

Step 2. On the Windows Search box, search for ‘CMD’

Step 3. Right-click on the ‘CMD’ and select the option ‘Run as administrator’

Step 4. Now you need to navigate to the folder where the file is stored.

Find file path in Windows: Right Click > Properties > Details

To navigate the folder, use the command:

cd folderpath

Replace ‘folderpath’ with the actual path where the file is stored. For example, cd C:\Users\skubonet\desktop

Step 5. After navigating to the folder, you need to execute the delete command. Simply, execute the command given below.

del /f /s <filename>

Replace the <filename> with the actual name of the file. Also, put the extension of the file type. For example, del /f /s notepad.txt

Step 6. Now on the Command prompt, type ‘Y’ and press the Enter button.

That’s it you are all done watch our YouTube channel to understand more on How to Delete Locked Files in Windows 10 via CMD

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