How to check if you Have Bought Fake Xiaomi Phone

There are reports of fake Xiaomi phones in the market, if you have a xiaomi phone, you can easily check if your xiaomi phone is fake or original in two easy steps.

Lei Jun is a Chinese entrepreneur who founded Xiaomi Inc. In 2014 called fake goods, “a social cancer, a serious damage to the image of the country and consumer confidence,” and said it was time to support efforts to get rid of them.

Xiaomi Inc has since developed an application called ‘MI Verification app’ to help MI users spot fake xiaomi phones, so its customers can easily identify a fake and genuine xiaomi phone.

Steps in checking if a Xiaomi Phone is fake or Genuine

  1. Download and install Mi Verification App from Play Store after installation tap on the Mi Verification app and enabled performance mode and a page to scan a QR code will come up.
  2. Now Open  on another phone or computer and scan the QR Code on that page with the app on your phone after the verification process is completed you will be able to view the details on your phone and identify if its fake or original.

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