{Trailer} Trails of Cold Steel anime coming in 2022

Trails of Cold Steel

Anime JRPG headed to the small screen next year

Legendary developer Nihon Falcom has announced that it is teaming with a quartet of production companies to produce an anime adaptation of adventure series The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. The new series is expected to launch on TV in 2022.

Details are incredibly thin on the ground at this pre-production stage, but the title would suggest that the series will follow a similar narrative to the Trails of Cold Steel series – also known as the “Erebonia arc” – which began in 2013 on the PS3 and PS Vita and concluded in the fall of 2018 with the release of Trails of Cold Steel IV on PS4.

The project will see Falcom team with its Asian distributor UserJoy Technology, renown anime distributor Funimation Global Group, anime production company NADA Holdings, and finally content funding affiliate SYOU.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel TV anime project announced [Gematsu]

The game takes place in the Erebonian Empire and takes place after the game series “Trails in the Sky” and in the same period as the Bilogy “Crossbell”. The story follows two groups at war: the aristocratic “four great houses” and the reformists. On the one hand, the nobles want to maintain their power by keeping control of their own private armies. On the other hand, the reformers want to dissolve the armies of the nobles and centralize all power under the Prime Minister. After a failed arbitration attempt by the emperor, tensions continue to increase.

The plot of the game revolves around Rean Schwarzer and his companions of “Class VII” at the Thor’s Military Academy, a newly formed class made up of the Erbon nobility and the citizens and the only one in the entire academy that does not separate based on social class.

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