Free Download On Open PS2 Loader v0.9.4 Run PS2 Games From USB

People ask open PS2 Loader Is;

Open PS2 Loader is software made to load PS2 Games from USB or HDD or Network by sharing it from your computer knowing that most of PlayStation 2 games cannot run games form DVD any more.

Open PS2 Loader developers are continuously working and anyone can contribute improvements to this project.

Not all games work perfectly just few games will stuk or will not install

What are games that will work with my PS2? Link HERE

Just focus on Device column this describes the method that you should flow to make the game works

USB ==> mean That the game works on USB Drive ( you must use a good quality and fast USB )

HDD ==> mean That the game works on both HDD and USB

SMB ==> mean the game by sharing it on network 

Download USBUtil 2.2 English by ISEKO

Download Open PS2 Loader v0.9.4 2019

How To install Open PlayStation 2 Loader V0.9.4 2019  video tutorial?

Watch The video below on how best to install OPLv0.9.4

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