Gangaa Update January 14 2021

Gangaa Update

Gangaa January 2021: Madhvi brings Niranjan he asleep. She him who gulps it with water. She to burn the packet after bhasam, and it throwing the paper on . Niru to cough . Madhvi , and him water. Niru blood in his cough, Madhvi it there.

Ganga and Sagar the knock door, Supriya tells Sagar that Niru is and to be taken to . , rush Niranjan to emergency. asks if he took . After have left, Madhvi tells her the bhasam. Ganga wonders how Madhvi .

Sagar asks her that bhasam. Madhvi says he didn’t get that bhasam. She tells the that she burnt it. Ganga and Sagar insist they , there that bhasam.

The comes out they the poison from Niranjan’s , . He says they to Niru , all . Madhvi wasn’t , Sagar insists on her . , they the sound of Mantar.

Maharaj ji runs downstairs upstairs. rush upstairs. Sagar knocks door, then enters himself breaking the bolt. He Ghunghat wali mata ji there.

Sagar runs out in room. , ghunghat wali mata ji comes out. Kashish hugs Krishna, the nurse enjoys. Ganga her, and questions why is she , she calls her as fraud and a one.

Ghunghat wali mata ji turns and throws a doll in Krishna’s , she tells them that Amma ji to her pleading so she over and this doll her . Madhvi to her , her husband is already in .

She that he didn’t get Bhasam this doll, she believed is doing a black magic over their . Sagar to Madhvi, Ganga insists on Madhvi to her as she is a fraudulent.

Madhvi wasn’t to . Ghunghat wali Mata and turns , Madhvi apologizes her and asks any . Ghunghat wali mata says the hair of this doll, a teasing . Ganga denies any , Ghunghat wali mata time to the soul. She says it born. Kashish counters this .

Madhvi scolds , as she do to her husband. Sagar shuts , and tells Ghunghat wali mata their . Madhvi to him, Sagar decisively stops her.

Ghunghat wali mata hushes them up, a blow of a whistle which . Ghunghat wali mata shouts soul this , as ’t her . She then says this soul is taking ’s , and hears its Krishna. Krishna runs Ganga out of .

Sagar comes the away and takes her the ; to from her. the , he warns her . Ghunghat wali mata warns them their destruction, evil soul will their .

Madhvi the room, remembering Niru and her moments . She tea for Niru, and he used he this tea time . There hasn’t been a day in years that she didn’t get tea.

Madhvi it’s like for her, as the time of her . Ganga her with a cup of tea. She requests on Madhvi down this tea. Madhvi denies. Sagar comes there, and says them to .

, informs them that Niranjan is out of . Krishna Niranjan, says they Niranjan for one day. He and it for him to for six months even.

He says a be allowed to , and they Aabha at . She be after discharge. There, Yash and plan else for the Chatervedi . They that Aabha is at .

, Sagar and Ganga Madhvi , she be disturbed in of Niru. Madhvi , and asks Ganga to as she Niru . . Ganga comes room. Niru asks Ganga if has left, then sits up.

She , Niru denies or . He requests her to Kachori for him. Ganga forbids. Niru says Madhvi and wouldn’t have fulfilled his , he Ganga ; Kachori availbale .

, Madhvi ’s . Krishna asleep. stops , Sagar , the engine . Madhvi tells Sagar no water bottle, he to get . spying on , Krishna asleep. Madhvi the . Madhvi watches blood drops over .

Krishna wakes up and the doll . She screams out of , Madhvi brings her out of . room, Ganga brings kachori for Niru and how she them stealthily.

Niru relaxes her Ganga smiles him and clicks a of Niru. Niru asks if she blackmail him with the , Ganga says she has him like this so she to it . Niru , if after he has left? Ganga speechless.

Sagar Madhvi and Krishna who away. They take him the doll, Sagar , then takes the doll . He furiously, who did this. Madhvi insists it’s the evil soul. Sagar says tearing him.

Niru qualifies has . Ganga sits beside him, he his Ganga else who her. Niru holds her hand, then says he has to her. He her , this his father he gave him his first ; .

He tells Ganga that now, none of his sons are as as Ganga is. Ganga returns the watch, he be this ; all of Niru’s be and he on wheel chair then she take the watch.

Niru to get her watch then, then Ganga have one or . Ganga hugs Niru, to him and her breathe for his .

Sagar going who , Madhvi doesn’t him .

They get into and away. Yash comes from a tree. At , Sagar asks Madhvi and sleep. They Supriya cry, Pulkit, Sagar and Madhvi hurries, Aabha. Supriya says had grabbed her neck she asleep. Aabha notices the mark on her neck. Sagar she have rubbed . Madhvi tensed. Aaba smirks leaving. Pulkit to make her . Aaba clutches a glove in her hand.

Ganga to the fan room. Sagar watches , then brings a stool for her. Sagar her, then thinks he tease her for in revenge of all years she teased.

Ganga curtly thinks he have helped her, then coughs the fan. Sagar ignores her . She smiles him and slips, Sagar holds her in his . They lock. Ganga smiles, Sagar smiles ; with a jerk Ganga realizes she day dreaming.

Sagar a with their . He they hadn’t grown up. Ganga a of Niru and Madhvi’s , smile the . Sagar sits there, what to Madhvi as she is the .

Ganga says Niru that Mata, as he had eaten that powder falling . Sagar says be of any use, they Nirandar now. Sagar a from , he informs Ganga that Niru is being discharged as now. He leaves the room, Ganga thinks for then takes Sagar’s in thoughtfully.

At , Ganga a Kashish’s shoulder. Kashish asks why she her so . Ganga asks for her to over this mata, as they to unveil her . Kashish says has trapped Madhvi, Madhvi has given to Mata. Ganga says Niru returning, Kashish be vigilant and that Mata to win. She then warns Kashish to be .

morning, Mata Is doing Pooja. Sagar and Ganga , Madhvi stood beside Mata ji she watches them there. Prabha smiles Ganga and Sagar, she then asks Madhvi to her husband as she that evil soul .

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