Gangaa 16th January 2021 On Zeeworld Update

Gangaa 16th January 2021 On Zeeworld Update

Ganga insists that now how and why Mata ji is doing so. Mata ji wonders what on in her , Madhvi trusts her and can her . Ganga says she has deep on God, and God her. She this veil of off Madhvi’s face, her in seven days.

Ganga says she first Sagar that this Mata is . room, Niru questions Sagar and Pulkit that Mata’s . Pulkit says they stopped Madhvi who . Sagar explains that Madhvi is tensed for his . Madhvi and says Ganga is him in outhouse.

Niru asks why she him there, Sagar qualifies he there and Ganga

room, Ganga tells Sagar the . Sagar asks why is she so , she is doing this for why take . He tells Ganga they did this for Madhvi’s peace of , of arguing or hurting.

Ganga to , Sagar says Niru make up Madhvi to that Mata ji away. Ganga says she isn’t for greed, she has to their . She says had Sagar her that off Amma ji’s , she have her .

Sagar interrupts that he has than to waste his on . Ganga that Sagar isn’t to is out of the , she thinks else. She calls Kashish for , and that she is that Mata to Pooja.

She then asks of Niru. Kashish says the time to the . Ganga tells her to open the she a .

At , Kashish opens the door for Ganga. , Kashish informs Ganga that Mata ji isn’t room. They for her room. Ganga to her, room. There, Prabha Madhvi that she ’t spare that spirit, she understood abit it already and them. She Kashish.

Ganga and Kashish , ignores Yash’s . They the footsteps of Mata ji. Kashish what they do. , Madhvi comes . Kashish drags Ganga . Ganga they didn’t get . Kashish assures to on . Ganga turns Kashish a from , she the . She informs Ganga that Niru’s bone marrow transplant is , the is that donor be from . Ganga cheers that Niru be , and to Sagar. Prabha overheard the , Kashish is an interruption in her .

Kashish going the , her dupatta stucks and the . She feels a presence and calls there. , the on . Supriya runs the kitchen on arm a knife. Madhvi, Sagar and Ganga run her.

Pulkit comes there . Supriya , attacked her water. Kashish says she ran from her, it all . Mata ji calls from that it be the spirit. She asks Supriya to . Ganga notices Kashish’s piece torn and in Supriya’s bangle.

Kashish offensive as even attacked her. Madhvi accusing Kashish. Ganga to calm her down and backs Kashish. Madhvi says Kashish revenge them for what Pulkit did to her. Sagar says Kashish for them, infact Kashish that bone marrow transplant Niru .

They a donor from . Prabha warns Madhvi that all , Niru’s has no . Sagar shuts Prabha up, as her drama is over. Madhvi scolds Sagar and insists Mata ji ’t , she will Kashish and donate bone marrow to Niru. Mata ji is spirit take their . Ganga observes , her . Prabha cheers being over Ganga.

morning, Ganga arrives at and asks Sagar if his . The apologizes Sagar as his bone marrow didn’t . Sagar is .

Sagar asks Ganga to Pulkit as his bone marrow didn’t . Ganga tells Sagar that Pulkit denied . Sagar to Pulkit forcefully insists that ’t take the consent. He asks them to else, siblings or grandchildren of Niranjan. Ganga to get Krishna.

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room, Niranjan asks Madhvi Sagar and Ganga’s absence. He wonders what’s .

Sagar and Ganga for Krishna’s . Ganga says no , Pulkit stood with teary eyes his . The comes there, and to take Pulkit’s . Ganga that samples of Pulkit or Krishna Niru.

laboratory, cheers after destroying the and the to .

At , Madhvi discusses with Mata ji that ’t with Niranjan Sagar and Ganga anymore. Prabha says for Pooja, Madhvi and her jewellry ’t even .

The comes them that none of bone marrow doesn’t with Niranjan’s, neither Krishna nor Pulkit. Sagar asks him to get it , they insists on him to . The apologizes that Niru’s transplant .

Ganga notices with ghunghat wali mata, she wonders what’s she doing and her. She at if that is from the , she to the lab assistant and makes lab . Prabha and watches Ganga them, Sagar follows. Prabha pushes the lab assistant to hit Ganga and runs away. Ganga holds the collars of lab assistant who flee.

Sagar Ganga from a drama, he wasn’t to Ganga. Ganga hurries , Sagar and Pulkit .

, Ganga asks Maharaj ji ghunghat wali mata ji, he replies he at in kitchen for . She watches Amma ji and Ghunghat wali mata ji from the room. Amma ji says she an hour . Ganga accuses Prabha for bribing in . Amma ji asks how has it been, as she has been for one hour. She takes her .

Ganga wonders who in then.

Prabha informs Yash that Ganga suspected her and her. Yash cheers already sending a mata ji . Prabha what if that lab assistant lies.

Sagar and Pulkit take the lab assistant and beat him. The lab assistant assures them the .

Sagar the room and silently hugs Ganga who , Ganga doesn’t hug him . She asks if is . Sagar Ganga the torn of destroyed . She them, then to for Krishna. She hopeful Niranjan, then wonders what ’s . Sagar says he ran that lab assistant and the had bribed him for the . Sagar with Ganga that the is , crore. Ganga .

Prabha brings a of to .

Ganga arranging the . She says they the in , and forbids him to that Krishna’s bone marrow matched. Sagar says it, Madhvi and Niru ’t them. Ganga they brings her to , all blinded her. She Sagar to that lab assistant in . Sagar considers it . Ganga smiles, taunting that he didn’t him .

Sagar insists he her, that’s why he ran the lab assistant. He walks Ganga asking if she he doesn’t her, she denies with of her head. He backs up and turns , playfully.

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