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How To Use Camscanner for PC

Do you want to turn photos into PDF and professional documents? With Camscanner and and my tutorials , you can do so by yourself.

We see and use a lot of documents every day for work or for personal purposes. There are bills, email attachments, and even for work. This is why printers and scanners are a necessity in today’s world as they allow us to easily print documents. But since the world has transitioned to a digital one, we can now use our smartphones as a portable scanner! Thanks to Camscanner, this is all possible today.

Published by INTSIG, this app is equipped with the latest features which allow you to scan just about any photo on your phone! Instantly turn your scanned photos into documents such as word or PDF that you can send anyone. Here, you can quickly make a digital version of your document. You can take a photo or just upload it to the app and then the app will turn it into a document. If you want to get this app on your PC, learn how to do so in this guide!

What is Camscanner and its Features

There are so many documents in the world today that we use in our daily lives. We use documents like receipts, contracts, notes, invoices, discussions, certificates and many more. Whether we use it for school, work or for personal purposes, we can’t deny that we use them a lot. Although printers are still very much used today, smartphones have come a long way. Now, we can have a portable scanner thanks to Camscanner!

This app is capable of transforming any image into a digital version of it. This means that you can take a picture of your valid ID using your phone and turn it into a digital copy. Or, you can scan your notes using the app and it turns into a word document or a PDF! This is the kind of technology that lets us advance further as humans. Today, we can do a lot thanks to the app which is a popular choice among many.

Aside from that, you can choose the quality or different filters to use. You can make it look smooth, realistic or a document. The app recognizes the edges and the texts in the image you capture. Then, you can extract the texts so you can edit them or share! This is an advance app that can recognize any image you capture or upload today. You can also share JPG/PDF files to your friends in social media!

Lastly, you can easily fax or AirPrint documents with Camscanner. This means you can fax it easily in over 30 countries supported by the app. Store important documents on your phone today and digitalize every physical paper there is.

How to Download Camscanner for PC?

Since Camscanner is an app, you can download it in the Google Play Store to your device. But if you want to get it for your PC, you can easily do so by following these steps:

Download Bluestacks or any other Android emulator you want.

Set up Bluestacks.

Log in to your Google Play account in the Bluestacks app.

Search for Camscanner and install it.

Then, you can already open it after installing the app! The app works just like in the phone but here, you can only upload images to convert it to digital files.

There’s actually another way to get Camscanner for PC which is the easier way. If you want, you can just download the desktop version of it from Microsoft.


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