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How to make free Backlink for SEO



Most bloggers have a strange suspicion about Backlink, we have got some bloggers’ mail about Backlink to provide more information about Backlink, see friends, if you google Google about Backlink then many websites will open Will give information about, but will tell the same old ways like guest blogging, mail back to other blogger and ask for backlink from them and there are other Sites who take money to give backlink. , We did a lot of study and research on this topic and then we came to know some important information about Backlink, friends, in our article How to make free Backlink for SEO today, we will tell you some such free and 100% joining methods. You will be able to get Backlink for free, so friends, let’s start our today’s article How to make free Backlink for SEO

Table of content
What is backlink
Why Backlinks are important
Types of Backlink
What is the Difference between Do Follow Backlink and No Follow Backlink
How to make Free Backlink

what is Backlink

When a website is connected to another website, the same link is called backlink or incoming link. Backlinks are important for SEO.

Why Backlinks are important

Backlink is a very important part for SEO to rank well on Google, you can understand it as if you wrote a post and many websites have linked the link of that post to their post, such links are a positive signal for Search Engine , Algorithms of Search Engine gives Importance to such linked post and when searching about Topic, it shows your linked post in search result first.

Types of Backlink

Backlink are two types

1). Do Follow Backlink

2). No Follow Backlink

Someone reading a web page can never tell the difference between Do Follow Backlink and No Follow Backlink, the difference between the two is in their source code.

What is the Difference between Do Follow Backlink and No Follow Backlink

No Follow Backlink has an attribute called rel = nofollow that does not allow the search engine to move from link page to destination page, whereas Do Follow Backlink does exactly the opposite, but any attribute called rel = dofollow. does not exist. You can understand this in an easy way given below.

[ skubonet ] In this example, the skubonet keyword has been connected to the official website of skubonet via hyperlink, when you click on the skubonet keyword, you will get skubonet It will reach the official website, this is the simplest example of Do Follow Backlink.

[ skubonet ] In this example you saw that an attribute called rel = nofollow has been added which means that the skubonet keyword is hyperlinked. So, but you cannot go to the official website of skubonet by clicking on that keyword. This is the simplest example of No Follow skubonet.

Pages that you do not want to endorse are given a No Follow Backlink attribute.

How To Make Free Backlink

We have given you complete information about backlinks, now we tell you how to create backlinks on high DA websites for free so that you get quality and organic traffic to your site, we will give you Total 10 such high Domain Authority websites Tell about where you can get backlinks for free nameDomain AuthorityAlexa Ranking
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