2 Legit Way To Make Money Online Without Investing

How To Make Money Online Without Investing

75% of people in the world is looking for a way to make money online without investing there money into it because scammers has fulled the internet looking for a prey to devour, but no worries skubonet here is going to provide you with two legitmate way on how to make money online.

Not all how to make money online is a scam just that you have to find the right source of making money online

Two Ways How To Make Money Online


What is affiliate marketing? with my own definition and understanding i will tell you that affiliate marketing is a process where by you sale other peoples or persons products and gains percentage of each sales

How to start an affiliate marketing, let start with amazon to become an affiliate marketer at amazon.com click sign up to own account with amazon, once done scroll down to the footer you see make money with us, click on Become an affiliate,click on sign up then sumit your account information,website and mobile app list profile and then start using associates central if you do not have a blog you can link your facebook IG as your source traffic That it you have become an affiliate marketer

  • Who is a blogger

blogging is a process where by someone create a website and writes articles and publish and be indexed then be seen on google for visitors to read blogging can also be defined as a means of conveying messages teaching people online around the world just like am about teach on how to make money online

How do i Make Money When i Start Blogging

  • create a website
  • sign up for google ads for monetization there are many ads that pays that you can monetize on your site but i recommend Google ads
  • wait for review of two weeks after been approved yon then starts to earn

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